Siamese Kitten List

Below is a list of currently available kittens.

You can also browse our list of breeders to find someone that is closest to you.

Important: when buying a kitten, it should not sold before 12-13 weeks. It must be vaccinated/inspected by a vet (not by the breeder) and be in perfect health. It should also come with a full 4-generation pedigree certified by the breeder and official registration certificate (usually from the GCCF).

If the kitten does not meet these basic requirements, please walk away and/or report the breeder to the GCCF.

Please note that inclusion on the kitten list does not constitute a recommendation by the Club, nor does it ensure a specific type of kitten. We ask our breeders to follow GCCF breeding guidelines and practices but it is not feasible to vet the homes of all of our breeders. That is up to you.

Some more things to consider when choosing a breeder / kitten →