Choosing a kitten

The GCCF is a body which deals with complaints against registered breeders and gives you some comeback. Alhough 99% of GCCF registered breeders follow correct practices, the GCCF will investigate and if necessary discipline breeders registered with them who are reported as violating the code of practice.

Before you contact a breeder, please go to the GCCF web pages and  read about buying a pedigree kitten.

Make sure the breeder you find is registered with the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) or one of the FIFe affiliated registering bodies such as Felis Britannica, TICA, CFF, WCF or CFA and is breeding under their guidelines: i.e. kittens are not sold before 13 weeks, and must be sold vaccinated by a vet (not by the breeder) and in perfect health, with a full 4-generation pedigree certified by the breeder, and official registration certificate from the GCCF/FB/TICA/CFF/CFA.* The GCCF code of practice can be examined below .  If you feel a breeder is not following correct breeding guidelines please contact our membership secretary.

The GCCF code of breeding ethics:

* The GCCF registration certificate, and/or /FB/TICA/CFF/CFA registration,  is very important. It gives you your kittens unique Siamese registration number, and the kittens’ parents registration numbers….their family tree. These will correlate with the registration numbers on the pedigree. The registration card is ultimately your only real proof that what you are buying is a bon a fida Siamese – with an authentic pedigree and an authentic Siamese temperament – and so you should see it! It will say non-active if you have bought the kitten as a pet – most breeders will only sell their kittens on the non-active register.

Don’t believe it when breeders tell you that you only need a registration card if you breed or show. Don’t buy the kitten. You are entitled to the correct paperwork  (a registration card from a recognised registration body, and pedigree) whether you are buying a pet, show cat, or breeding queen. A pedigree kitten has a pedigree. If there is no registration certificate, and there is no pedigree, then IT IS NOT A PEDIGREE KITTEN, and you should not be paying pedigree prices for it.

If you would consider homing an older cat whose owner has died or had to give them up, please consult the rescue page.

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