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All proceeds from our online sales, show tables and booklets all help towards the promotion of the Old Style Siamese online and by word of mouth.

We as a club are here to support all Siamese either by the kitten list, Rescue/rehoming and any additional care that may be needed from time to time. Let’s face it we all love Siamese what ever colour shade or type, those wonderful blue eyes just need to look at us and we are captivated by their beauty and personality.


A Tail From Down-Under

Anne Brookfield: A Tail From Down-Under – Anne Brookfield’s year-long odyssey across Australia, accompanied by her first Siamese, Lisa. (Illustrated). A5, 16 pp, 31 colour plates.

£3.00 (in stock)

Cat Gossip: Volume 1

Cat Gossip – A true rarity in the Cat World, this facsimile reproduces the first 20 issues of a privately-produced ‘magazine’ from 1926-1927. Some of the ealiest discussions of breeders and cat owners about their cats, including some lovely b/w plates, stud and kitten advertisements, unique show reports from judges and of course general gossip about breeding and the cat fancy in the 1920s. Of particular interest to Siamese and Persian breeders. A4, perfect bound, 132pp each volume.

£6.00 + £2 p&p (in stock)

Colour Notes: Early Records of the Siamese Colours

Colour Notes: Early Records of the Siamese Colours: Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac – a rare and unusual collection drawn entirely from ephemera such as magazines and newsletters, registration certificates, original pedigrees, stud books, prize cards; from 1893 to 1960 (when the lilac point was finally accepted). A fascinating window into the discussions of the early breeders and enthusiasts on the standard for the cats and the gradual acceptance of the ‘new’ colours. Compiled by Carol Hague. A4, 67 pp., all photographic plates.

£8.00 + £2.00 p&p (in stock)

Earliest Descriptions of the Siamese Cat

Earliest Descriptions of the Siamese Cat: Facsimile extracts from the earliest Western Publications recording Siamese cats – high quality photographic reproduction of every mention of Siamese in English up to 1934, when the first book about Siamese was published: Mivart 1881, Rule 1887, Weir 1889, Winslow 1901, Whittington 1902, Simpson 1902/1924, Jennings 1903/1921, Williams 1907, Barton 1908, Champion 1909, Marks 1909, Saunders 1927, House 1930, Howey 1930, Soame 1933. Includes Weir’s original standard for the Siamese. A5, 94 pp, historical introduction and many original drawings and photographs. (Replaces our original Weir facsimile)

£6.00 + £2.00 p&p (in stock)

Marion Cran’s Garden of Siamese

Marion Cran’s Garden of Siamese by Marilyn Dawson and José Escobar. A journey through the Garden Writer and Siamese Judge Marion Cran’s life and writings; all the extracts from her books that discuss her cats, and her experiences breeding and judging (she was one of the first Siamese judges), but most of all just loving her special cats, something she communicates with astonishing, and sometimes heart-rending vividness. A5 b/w, 120 pp including 19 plates.

£5.00 + £2.00 p&p (out of print)

The Little Brown Book

The Little Brown Book the first published history of the Burmese Cat — this is an extremely rare little book, now available in facsimile from OSSC publications.

£4.00 + £1.50 p&p (in stock)

The Siamese Standard of Points 1884-1999

Julia Craig-McFeely: The Siamese Standard of Points 1884-1999 (including photos of cats contemporary with the revisions and also contemporary diagrams by judges and breeders to help in interpretation) A5, 26 pp, 28 b/w plates and figures.

£3.50 + £1.50 p&p (in stock)

The Twins of Evil

Gillian Caine: The Twins of Evil – Gillian Caine thought she was buying two sweet Siamese kittens. She soon found out the truth – this is her hilarious e-mail correspondence with their breeder detailing their antics. A5, 18 pp, plus 8 full-colour pages

£4.00 (out of stock)


Old Style Siamese Note Cards

Eight beautiful cards printed on high-quality board, blank inside for your own message. The cards feature member’s cats. Our first run sold out right away, so we have re-printed.

Pack of 8 cards, one of each design.

£5.00 + £2.00 p&p (out of stock)

Spiders, Large (pack of 2) *

One of our most popular items – cats just love these.

£1.00 + £1.00 p&p (please call)

Spiders, Small (pack of 3) *

One of our most popular items – cats just love these.

£1.00 + £1.00 p&p (in stock)


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