Siamese Kitten List

Siamese Kitten List


Below is a current list of available old-style kittens.  You will agree, I am sure, the photographs show they are adorable.  

It is also possible to browse our list of breeders >>     here.  To find someone that is in an area nearer to you  See Breeders' Index by Area >>  The less distance a new kitten has to travel to its new home the less stress is involved for the kitten as well as the new owner.  We appreciate that this is not always possible.  

We endeavour to keep the kitten list information current , this of course relies on our breeders informing us when their kittens have been sold.

You cannot expect to take possession of your new kitten until it has reached a minimum of 13 weeks old.  It is important to remember that under GCCF rules all kittens must be at least 13 weeks of age before they can go to their new homes.  Some kittens may be offered at less than this benchmark, maybe as little as 8 weeks old.  They may also appear to be cheap.  Do not entertain them, the kitten will probably not have been vaccinated or have been given the vital health check by a Veterinary Surgeon.  

All cats and kittens must be GCCF registered, fully vaccinated against infectious enteritis (FPV) and cat flu {feline calici virus (FCV) and feline herpes virus (FHP)} at least one week prior to sale or leaving home.    Kittens must be vaccinated by a vet and be in perfect health. Usually a breeder will have treated them for worms and fleas.  They should also come with a full 4-generation pedigree certified by the breeder and official GCCF registration certificate.

The above are the minimum requirements of the GCCF and consequently of this club.

Most breeders now insure their kittens with Pet Plan (four weeks) or Agria (five weeks).

In addition some breeders also include the leukemia vaccine and may also microchip the kitten.

 Please note that inclusion on the kitten list does not constitute a recommendation by the Club, nor does it ensure a specific type of kitten. We ask our breeders to follow GCCF breeding guidelines and practices but it is not feasible to vet the homes of all of our breeders. That is up to you.  

Some more things to consider when selecting a breeder / kitten >>