Contact David Cutting
Telephone 01728 746311
Location Suffolk
Prefix Chintziam
Affiliation The Old-style Siamese Club

Our lovely Old Style Siamese queen, Mitzi, has now had 3 litters of beautiful seal point kittens, all of whom are now in their new homes.  She is a wonderful Mother, and is caring for her kittens most diligently.  We took up breeding Siamese cats again after many years, firstly because of our love of the breed, and secondly because we want to add to the stock of the Old Style.  

I live in a cottage with a large garden, made safe with Freedom Fence, (a pet containment system) so that our cats can enjoy the outdoors.

We have kept a seal point girl from  Mitzi’s last litter, born in March 2015, and hope that she will have kittens next year.  

Our website is and is kept regularly updated with news and information about expected kittens.

Please contact David if you would like more information.


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