Contact Helen Gilham

Telephone 07543526342
Location Norfolk (Great Yarmouth)
Prefix Domina-Katz
Affiliation The Old-style Siamese Club
I am a GCCF prefix (Domina-Katz) registered hobby breeder of in the past British Shorthairs and now the amazing 'Old-Style' Siamese. I have two breeding queens from Lintama lines.
Lintama Rhapsody had her first litter in December 2020, 3 bouncy boys, she has been a terrific mum, the kittens are born in my bedroom, where they stay until about 4 weeks then downstairs they come to be raised in the house. 
I then have her baby sister Lintama Vera, I intend to have a litter later this year from both queens.
My kittens leave my home after they are 13 weeks old, socialized with 2 vet health checks with their full course of vaccinations at 9 and 12 weeks of age, microchipped, full kitten course of worming with panacur, eating and toileting well and cleanly. They will be GCCF registered with a kitten contract, kitten information & 4 weeks free insurance with Pet Plan.
My cats and kittens are my family and are very loved and I hope it shows in the quality of the kittens that my queen has just produced.


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