Bodi of Willowriver

Bodi of Willowriver



Registered   No: 1045795
Owners Mrs Cynthia Hopper & Mrs Julie Singleton
Telephone 01304 830904
Location Kent

Bodi has a four generations CFF pedigree.   Our OSSC Council Delegate, Frances Benedito, kindly made the necessary enquiries on our behalf, and we are delighted to have been advised by the GCCF that Bodi's progeny, providing the queen is on the full GCCF register, will also be placed on the full register.  

Availability        Available to FeLV/FIV tested queens on the active register
Breeder             Donna Blizzard
Sire                     Vadhana Keegan of Blizzardthaicat
Dam                    Vadhana Dtualek of Blizzardthaicat
Born                   13 April 2017
Owners              In the joint ownership of Mrs Cynthia Hopper and Mrs Julie Singleton
Contact              Mrs Cynthia Hopper

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