Sandypoints Julies Jupiter

Sandypoints Julies Jupiter



Registered   CS 24c (SIA c)
Owners Mrs C Hopper/Mrs J Singleton
Telephone 01304 830904
Location Kent

"JJ" is a really large (over 6kg) affectionate, friendly and mature boy.  Like Bodi (Co-owned with Cynthia Hopper) he has native Siamese (Thai) in his breeding so although on the Reference Register himself, his kittens (if the Queen is CS registered) will go on the CS or Full Register.  JJ carries Chocolate and his first litter of kittens arrived just after his 9 month birthday.  JJ was bred in the USA and arrived in the UK in December 2020.  JJ is a carrier of PRA and therefore all Queens must be tested.

Alternative email for me is

Availablity         Available to FeLV tested Queens on the Active Register from May 2021
Breeder             Mrs Sandra Eagle
Sire                   Sialaxy Regulus (SIA n 21)
Dam                   Sandypoints Jewel of the Nile
Born                  22 May 2020
Owners              Mrs Julie Singleton
Contact              Mrs Julie Singleton

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