Siamese Rescue

Siamese Rescue







On occasion we may have an old-style Siamese needing to be rehomed through circumstances beyond the owner's control.  A divorce, a partner's death or maybe having to move to smaller premises, a flat, where pets cannot be taken.  Sometimes the cat requiring rehoming or rescuing may have a companion cat and we also assist and try to keep them together.  Very occasionally we are called upon to assist a large rescue, a breeder dies unexpectedly or has grown frail and can no longer cope with his/her obligations to their cats and need us to step in and ensure their welfare.` 

Lesley Green is the face of Old-style Siamese Rescue.  She is eminently qualified to act as our Rescue Coordinator as she works with her local Cat Protection branch in raising funds, rescue and rehoming and we are very fortunate to have her on the team.  Lesley is also an experienced breeder and runs the Club's Kitten List.

We are very dependent upon the kindness of our members who donate to assist the Welfare Arm of the Club.  Monies are put aside as they are received in a designated bank account to be called upon when required.  In fact all money held by the Club, irrespective of source, are likely to be used, should the occasion arise. 

Lesley's contact details are:  Tel: 01449 257618     email: