Breeders List

Breeders List



This page seeks to assist the searcher who is looking for a breeder of Old-style Siamese.

To quickly find a breeder nearest to you see  Breeders Index by Area >>     The index is arranged alphabetically by County.  OSSC international breeders are listed separately (scroll down Index) under that heading.

The OSSC provides a breeders' full listing, each breeder having their own post card. They are compiled in alphabetical order of the breeders' prefixes and offers all the information you should require.  In addition you may access the breeder's individual dedicated page giving their details and bio in their own words via their post card.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO PURCHASE A BREEDING CAT YOU MUST ENQUIRE AT THE OUTSET.  We have indicated on the page entitled "Breeder Index by Area" those will consider selling breeding cats by placing a tick against their details.


Most breeders are usually contacted by email, landline/mobile.



To see breeders' full listings/post cards click here >>         

Please note that inclusion on the breeders list should not be considered a recommendation by the Old-style Siamese Club.  Make sure kittens will be GCCF registered and that you will be able to see the queen.

Why not also  take a look at a list of kittens currently available >>  

Please Note: The GCCF regulation is that no kitten should be released to its new owner/home until one full week has elapsed after it has completed its course of  full primary vaccinations.  All kittens must be vaccinated and inspected by a veterinary surgeon and be in perfect health. >>  

If the kitten does not meet these basic requirements, please do not purchase it. 

See "Selecting a Kitten" and "Taking your Kitten Home" under Siamese Kitten List.