To Make a donation

To Make a donation


 The Old-style Siamese Club has, since its inception, run a Welfare Section for the care of abandoned, rescued or pets in need of rehoming.  If veterinary bills are involved this can be an expensive business.  If a large rescue is involved because a breeder has perhaps died unexpecetedly, or say, become infirm and unable to care for the cats properly anymore and we have to step in, costs could be crippling.  We sometimes rely on our committee members and those who are able to assist in relocating cats etc to mitigate expenses. 

However, we do not run a foster service although temporary housing has been found on occasion.  We much prefer to have our rescued cats placed in a suitable forever home sooner rather than later.  We always have a long list of people who would like to adopt a Siamese cat and every care is taken to get the right home for the right cat.  If you would like to assist in our Welfare work and would like to make a donation, however small, it is possible to do so on-line here.

Please note, if using a debit/credit card please use email address (via Paypal)

If you would like to make a donation towards Old-style Siamese you can now do so online:


Please enter the amount of your donation in the appropriate (middle) box - any amount is gratefully received.

See drop down box - you may select General Donation to the Club or Welfare Donation which is for rescue, rehoming etc.

Alternatively, you can send a cheque, by post, tlo the Treasurer made payable to the OLD-STYLE SIAMESE CLUB (Welfare Fund).

(This donation will go to assist with any veterinary fees or other expenses incurred during rescue, rehoming etc)

Please note:  Should we be required to mount a large rescue operation our general funds may also be called upon if necessary.

 Important to note:  The Old-style Siamese Club is not a registered charity for taxation purposes.


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