Selecting a Stud

Selecting a Stud




Some recommendations and advice for new breeders when selecting and visiting a stud with their queen for the first time:

Good breeding means health is paramount and looks are secondary.  A careful, patient and well thought out  breeding strategy can help you to attain all that you wish to accomplish.  Always go for suitable outcrosses, ones that will give rise to healthy lines.   As long as queens and chosen studs are from healthy stock, you have done your best to ensure  the resulting progeny will be strong and healthy too.  The eye colour, ear set and facial shape etc can always be improved by choosing a suitable stud.   

If at all possible select a stud that is based not too far away for your first litter.  However, as we are all aware, that is not always possible.   

Should the stud be a reasonable distance then it is suggested that you inspect the stud and his accomodation before you take your queen.  Remember, you will be leaving your girl with the stud until she has been mated and you will, therefore, wish to ensure she will be safely and comfortably housed.  Contrary to belief, they do not always just perform and more often than not they will "board" with the stud boy.  They even, on occasion, dislike each other and will never "click".  Maiden queens can be tricky, even shy!  It can also be a stressful time for her being away from home and she can go off  "call".

Be aware, unless you and your cattery are well known to the stud owner, you will be asked to provide proof of a recent FeLV and FIV blood test which should show you cat is negative for these diseases.  Most vets can do the SNAP test which gives a result within ten minutes.  Some, will charge, not just for the test, but for the certificate of proof that your cat has tested negative..

It is helpful to inform the stud owner of your cat's "likes" and "dislikes" and any special requirements.  Taking a supply of her favourite food may be beneficial, then she has something familiar in her new sourroundings.  Leaving her blanket can also help her settle.  Be aware the stud will spray, so things like your blanket will be "smelly" when you collect your girl. 

Queens and studs must both be registered with the GCCF and both must be on the active register.  You cannot legitimately breed without your queen and the stud being on the active register, else the kittens cannot be registered with the GCCF.  Selling unregistered kittens could damage your reputation.


Note:  Unless kittens are registered with the GCCF they cannot be placed on our kitten list .

Most breeders will try and select a stud to 'complement' or 'improve' any 'faults' in their queen.  Refer to the page entitled 'Improving Type' for advice on this.    Improving Type >>

Beware when trying to 'fix' a characteristic, doubling up good points can also mean doubling up on bad points.  It is important not to get too obsessive about one characteristic so that the cats are too closely related.   


Please Note:  Whilst the OSSC supports and encourages all good breeding practices to ensure the expansion of a healthy gene pool and thus happy, healthy old-style Siamese, we do not recommend or advance the interests of any breeders advertising on our website.  As when purchasing a kitten, approaching a stud owner is down to you, you need to visit the breeder at their premises and view the studs to satisfy yourself of the quality of health, care and accommodations.  A breeder "worth their salt" would be proud to introduce you to their stud and show you around their premises.