About the Club

About the Club



The Old-style Siamese Club wishes to bring breeders of Siamese together in order to share their knowledge and experience and to work collectively to establish and maintain a sound and healthy genepool.

As a club we aim to encourage and perpetuate the look, style, size and vigour of the old-style Siamese, concentrating mainly on the four original colours - Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac.



 The objectives of the Club are:

  • To ensure that breeders understand that the old-style Siamese are not a separate breed of Siamese nor will they be registered as such
  • To ensure that breeders understand the term old-style is descriptive of a type of Siamese from pure Siamese lines
  • To ensure that breeders understand that the old-style Siamese look is not the result of introducing other breeds
  • To ensure that breeders understand that the old-style Siamese is not a pet quality cat but should follow the GCCF Standard of Points
  • To ensure that breeders understand that the GCCF Standard of Points is the only standard recognised by this club
  • To provide a forum and meeting place for breeders and owners of the old-style Siamese
  • To aid breeders in understanding the type of ALL Siamese cats and how to recognise correct type
  • To offer support and advice to members regarding the breeding, history, pedigrees, care and general welfare of the  Siamese cat
  • To offer practical and material support for the welfare of Siamese and companion cats where appropriate
  • To foster the best care and treatment of both pet and breeding cats, putting the welfare, health and contentment of the cat and the health of the breed above all other considerations
  • To promote good relations between, and respect for, breeders of all types of Siamese cats.

The Club supports breeders and pet owners by providing a breeder list and by maintaining a kitten list.  Details can also be found of available studs.  We also send out a twice yearly newsletter to exchange views and news of the breed as a whole, as well as publish stories from members.

The Club supports breeders whose cats are not pure Siamese and who wish to register their cats with the GCCF.  We explain how the progeny of their cats can progress from the Reference Register to the Supplementary Register and on to the Full Register in six generations.  (Far less than it used to be!).  This information can be found on the page entitled 'GCCF Registration Policy'.   

The Club Archive contains an impressive collection of rare archive material which is open for private research and is supplemented by a growing list of facsimile publications to make this material available worldwide. We have an active Committee member who is currently cataloguing and sorting the archive.

We have an active Rescue network and Committee members take Club tables to some major shows.  Our kitten and breeder list has already helped many people to find the Siamese of the type they prefer.