If you would like to see a very old breed survive, virtually unchanged, and you just happen to love the old-style Siamese cat and its stylish looks this is the place for you.

This club is all about preserving the old-style Siamese look, preserving them as how they were when first introduced to this country in the late 1800’s or at least as near as possible.  This club has been dedicated to this purpose since 2000. Certainly we wish to preserve the Siamese cat as many members remember them from their youth, in the 1950’s or 1960’s before the breed was used by some breeders to achieve the “modern” look.  This is why every single membership is important to the club.

We are a GCCF affiliated area club, officially a specialist breed club under the heading, area club.   We have international memberships and are very proud of it.  We say the “world is our area”.  We have sufficient members in order to qualify for one delegate from our club to speak on behalf of our club at the GCCF Council meetings.  Without your membership we could lose our delegate and it is important that we have a voice at these meetings.  Therefore every member or prospective new member is important to us.

As mentioned above, The Old-style Siamese Club is a GCCF (premier registering body in the UK) affiliated club and we offer an assortment of levels of membership in the hope that we cater for all level of interest from those who just love the old-style Siamese, to those contemplating breeding for the first time, or those who are well established breeders and long time members of the club.  We provide twice yearly newsletters, a forum for discussion and assistance.  Within the club we have a wealth of experience that any member may call upon should you become owned by an old-style Siamese.

Newsletters are comprised mainly of contributions from our members – funny/serious stories – photographs – anything that may be of interest to other members.

We welcome all cat lovers, we are old-style advocates but those who are not are also welcome.  You may prefer the modern-look - "each to their own" is our motto, after all they are all wonderful Siamese.    Information exchange across the spectrum can only be to the benefit of all cats.

The GCCF “Standard of Points” for the Siamese cat is our Standard of Points it all comes down, at the end of the day, to interpretation of the standard.




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