Getting in Touch

Getting in Touch


Contact Margaret >> 

Our Chairman of nearly 20 years (a founder member) is Margaret Lindgren. 



To get in touch with the Club Officer/Committee Member you require, please consider the following.  All links take you to the Committee page where on scrolling down you will find the required details i.e. email, telephone and postal address of the Officer concerned: 


Contact Jenny >>

All correspondence and general enquiries should be addressed to the Hon Secretary of the Club.  Jenny Thomas is our current Hon Secretary and she will be more than happy to help you with any queries you may have.  Jenny deals with all administrative queries.  If she has not got the answer she will find out or pass your query along to someone who can help you.  For any breeders who wish to make changes to their breeder card or place or remove kittens from the kitten list contact Jenny.  She is also one of our Website Masters.

Contact Frances >>

All membership enquiries and associated matters should be forwarded to the Membership Secretary, Frances Benedito, another founder member.  Frances is also our Newsletter Editor so any articles you may wish to be considered for the Newsletter should be sent direct to her.  Frances, as Editor, has the final say on what is placed in the Newsletter.  She is also Vice Chairman and one of our Website Masters.  Frances is the current GCCF delegate to Council and may be able to assist with any queries you may have regarding registering your cats and advice on the general registers.  She will also be able to explain to you why some cats are placed on the Reference Register initially. 

Contact Douglas  >>

All monetary matters are ably dealt with by our Hon Treasurer, Douglas Dawson, who has served the Club from the beginning.  Douglas maintains the financial records and  prepares the Club's Accounts for the annual audit.   Any queries regarding finance, how to make donations, etc  should be addressed to him. 

Contact Lesley  >>

For enquiries regarding RESCUE/WELFARE contact Lesley.  Also if you are experiencing difficulties registering an imported cat as a Siamese Lesley may be able to give you some advice.


All contact information concerning the current Committee can be viewed on the Committee page.   

The Committee >>