International Membership/Renewals

International Membership/Renewals




The Old-style Siamese Club is proud of its "hands across the seas" policy and encourages all its members to interact, we can all learn from each other.  The club certainly welcomes all our international members who are of a similar mind set when it comes to the preservation and promotion of the old-style to ensure that the old-style Siamese cat continues to thrive as a breed.  

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You can pay for your membership online: just select one of the options below and click “Add to Cart”.

Note 1:  To join the club there is a £2 JOINING FEE and then an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.  The joining fee has already been added to 'New membership'.

Note: 2:  An option is given to pay either by paypal or debit/credit card.

If paying by debit/credit card please ensure that payments are made to (via Paypal).



New members who pay online may wish to download, complete, scan and email the Membership Application Form to who will then match this with your payment.  This is not essential but the form gives the opportunity to provide more information than sent by online payments eg prefix if already a breeder.


If you have any queries at all, or wish to pay using an alternative method, please contact the Membership Secretary for further assistance.


All applications from new members are subject to the approval of the Committee.  No reason will be given for refusal.