So, You Want to be a Breeder

So, You Want to be a Breeder



If you are reading this page you may be giving consideration to becoming a breeder, hopefully an old-style Siamese breeder.

It is not for everyone as it is not all joy and wonder although it can be a most rewarding experience.  However, as a farming friend once said very wisely, "Where you have livestock you also have dead stock" and when you do it can be heartbreaking.  You must be prepared to face, hopefully only rarely, an occasional loss. 

First and foremost the OSSC Committee would say to you we support whole-heartedly the breeding of healthy, irrespective of type, cats and the best way to do this is to guide you to start your research at  the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy's (GCCF) website.   

If you go to full guidelines and advice is given.  Do your research.  These guidelines are for the benefit of the cats and kittens in your future cattery and are intended to safeguard the health and well-being of studs, breeding queens and their progeny.

To commence your line you will need to purchase a suitable female kitten.   As with any cat/kitten you must be able to provide safe and  warm accomodation before you bring her home.  Find a good breeder who is prepared to sell you a girl for breeding. YOU WILL NEED TO BE CLEAR THAT YOU WISH TO PURCHASE A GIRL FOR BREEDING AT THE OURSET, AND ENQUIRE IF ANY OF THEIR GIRLS ARE SUITABLE.

Some novice breeders are, understandably, reluctant to sell for breeding until they have more experience.  Some breeders will not sell for breeding and will only place their kittens on the non-active register as they wish to operate commercially restrictive practices.  There are some, however, who are generous and will consider selling.  We have indicated on the page entitled "Breeder Index by Area" those will consider selling breeding cats by placing a tick against their details.  If you are lucky you may even find a breeder prepared to be a mentor and friend to you because they are happy to see the gene pool expand and help preserve the old-style Siamese.  Talk it over with your mentor and work out the best stud to use for the queen(s) you may hopefully have obtained.  Any of the committee will be prepared to mentor you and/or find you someone in your area.

Obviously, give serious thought to your breeding strategy.  Only begin with the healthiest girls you can find, being pregnant is not a picnic whatever species and it is only common sense to have the strongest and best lines to be found. We do not endorse, of course, in any way over-breeding,  Your queens must be allowed to have a good recovery period between litters to regain their condition and strength to produce strong healthy kittens.  The GCCF recommend a maximum of three litters every two years.  Some breeders prefer to have one litter per girl per year.  It depends on your queen and the size of litters she produces.

The OSSC Committee has a wealth of experience and would always be prepared to offer advice and assistance also.

The most important thing to remember is that your first priority in breeding should be health, type comes second.  Health is more important than looks!