Selecting your Queen

Selecting your Queen






Pick a strong girl from healthy lines.  Ask as many questions as you can think of which applies to buying any kitten but with a breeding queen this is extremely important.  As expressed in "Selecting a Stud",  health is key and looks are secondary.  You can always achieve or improve the looks you aspire to as your breeding programme progresses.  If, however, in addition to strength and good health, she has deep blue clear eyes, or good ear set, or both, so much the better!  See 'Standard of Points' and 'Applying the Standard of Points'.  Both can be found under the main heading 'What is and old-style?'.

As touched upon in "Selecting a Kitten" be clear from the very beginning with your chosen breeder that you require to purchase a kitten in order to establish your own breeding lines.  Do not acquire a female kitten only to find that she will not be placed on the GCCF Active Register.  Make sure you understand any restrictions that may be put upon you by the breeder.   She will be useless to you, except as a lovely pet, if you are not clear about your ambitions.  

Sensibly, she will need to be at least a year to eighteen months old before you begin breeding with her.  Let her be a baby first before she has babies.  During that time you will need to become a member of our club, affiliated to the GCCF,  as you will need the Hon Secretary to sign your GCCF prefix application after 12 months membership.  Once you have your prefix that's the beginning of your line with your first litter.

Be aware, when calling a queen will spray, scent or whatever.  You will need to decide her accommodations when she is calling and your own!  What you can live with and what you can't!