Breeders' Membership

Breeders' Membership


All our members, from pet owners to breeders are extremely important to the vitality of the club.  Our breeder members are especially important in the role they play with regard to the future of the old-style Siamese itself, after all, without them we would have no old-style Siamese to preserve.  The club and committee is intent on supplying breeders with every facility to assist them in their endeavours and encourage good breeding practice by newcomers.  To this end we provide a service whereby our breeder members may list their cattery and kittens on the Old-style Siamese Club website for a small annual fee in addition to the annual subscription.

For a small annual fee of £10 per annum - plus your annual subscription you may take advantage of the following online facilities:                                                                                       

  • a member's postcard in our breeders list containing your geographical situation, your photograph of choice and contact details
  • your personal web page on the website with up to 7 photographs
  • advertise your kittens on the OSSC website with photograph gallery and text
  • 20% off genetic testing with Langford Vets

NOTE:  The club reserves the right to edit your personal bio page on our site.


You can now renew or upgrade your membership online

Just choose one of the options below and click “Add to Cart”.

You can then pay for your membership online: just select one of the options below and click “Add to Cart”.

Note 1:  To join the club there is a £2 JOINING FEE and then an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.  The joining fee has already been added to 'New membership'.

Note: 2:  An option is given to pay either by paypal or debit/credit card.

If paying by debit/credit card please ensure that payments are made to (via Paypal).



Prospective new members should download and complete the Membership Application Form and return it to the Membership Secretary by post or email to the membership secretary at    You may pay online or send your cheque.

If you have any questions please contact the Membership Secretary for details of how to upgrade your membership.

Annual memberships run from January to January, so don't forget renewal date is 1 January each year.

All applications by new breeders/members are subject to the approval of the Committee.  No reason will be given for refusal. 

Thank you again for your support.

*Breeders who wish to use the kitten list must be a member of the club, agree to register their kittens with the GCCF and their kittens must complete a full course of vaccinations.  Under the current GCCF guidelines kittens should be at least thirteen weeks old  before they go to their new homes and a minimum of one week should have passed after the last vaccination. The club also recommends that breeders insure their kittens.

**Breeders wishing to use the Club to apply for a GCCF prefix are required to be members for one year i.e. they can apply through the Club at the commencement of their second year of membership.