Number of Kittens available 5 M/F
Description of Kittens

 2 Seal Point (Choc?) girls available remainder Reserved

Born 30th October 2023
Ready 24 January 2024

Contact           Mrs Lorri White


Website           -

Telephone       01825 740067 or 07946 258790

Location          West Sussex

Prefix               Littlemasks

Available        2 kittens 


I am a breeder of the old style Siamese and have been for 30 years, I have a few girls and my own stud boy Littlemasks  Kia who are very much a big part of our family along with our little whippet Enya and all our horses .

I have up stairs a precious litter of 5 strong healthy  kittens boys and girls, more than likely to be sealpoints or chocolatepoints, mama is a beautiful traditional sealpoint and the sire Kiet is a big gentle sealpoint.  I have one seal point boy available, the remainder being reserved.

Please feel free to contact me as I am invariably home unless I am out in the fields or on the forest ,just leave a message and I will get back to you asap.

Pay a visit to my F/B page Littlemasks Traditional Siamese and view the videos of my girls and their kittens.

We love to have new visitors at any time,also there is a lovely village pub just round the corner if you’ve come a long way and  wanting lunch.








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