vom Blauen Halbmond

vom Blauen Halbmond



Number of Kittens 3 male kittens
Description of Kittens Seal Points
Born  1 July 2023
Ready  8 October 2023  (now)

Contact      Dipl.-Ing(FH) Martina Matschinsky

Email          Halbmond82@gmx-de

Website      www.thaikatzen-vom-blauen-halbmond.de

Telephone  +49 (0) 174-9335116

Location      International (N.E. Germany

Prefix           vom Blauen Halbmond

Available     3 male kittens


3 Male Seal Point kittens, born July 1st
Vaccinated, microchipped , EU Passport, Full pedigree
They love children, totally relaxed and gentle sweet boys:-)
"Vom Blauen Halbmond“
Ready from October 8th  



Please note that inclusion on the kitten list does not constitute a recommendation by the The Old Style Siamese Club, nor does it ensure a specific type of kitten. We ask our breeders to follow GCCF breeding guidelines and practices but it is not feasible to vet the homes of all of our breeders. That is up to you.

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