Purmisqus Brythias Aslan

Purmisqus Brythias Aslan



Registered   CS 24 (SIA n)
Owner Mrs Bryony Duncan
Email Bryony.Duncan@edwardsvacuum.com
Website -
Telephone +44 1275 337100 or 07801 802832
Location North Somerset

Aslan, or Kimba, leans towards being more “Classic”  than “Old Style”. He has an excellent all 24s pedigree with some very old-style cats on his mothers side. This means that he does throw both Old-Style and Classic kittens. He  is an ideal boy for breeders who wish to keep their pedigrees all 24 – and who might wish to try some different lines.  On his fathers side he has Applejack and Kaloke – which go right back to the 1960s – the Kaloke line is  well known for producing beautiful eye colour – Kimba has certainly inherited this.


Availablity        Available to FeLV/FIV tested queens on the active register
Breeder             Mrs F. Mosby
Sire                    Kaloke Aramis
Dam                   Pukisong Azure Sky
Born                   Monday, April 09, 2007
Owner                Mrs Bryony Duncan
Contact              Mrs Bryony Duncan

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